How To Choose A Web Design Studio?

Industry insights
January 27, 2023
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Choosing a web design studio begins with identifying your needs. There are different design approaches that can suit all kinds of business endeavors – starting from developing immense online stores and ending with putting together high-converting landing pages. Once you cover that, the rest of the process for finding the right web design company is pretty straightforward.

Web development companies employ a variety of professionals who perfect all aspects of online experience to the smallest detail. Design is one of the components that contribute to an effective online presence. But with no proper functionality and usability, even the most sophisticated web design will be of no use to your business. That’s why it’s important to take a multi-dimensional approach to develop websites that promote brands and help business owners sell their products.

1. What is web design?

Web design is a design subtype that revolves around web interfaces, usability, aesthetics, and functionality. Creating digital experiences that are seamless and intuitive is the main goal of professionals in web design companies. There are a lot of types of web design services, and all of them are equally important in giving a particular website a unique feel. Website design has always been crucial, and nowadays with over a billion websites online, it’s of paramount importance to stand out. And there is another trend worth watching – people spend a lot of time online buying stuff and experiencing things.

While web development companies handle the coding part, web design agencies are responsible for the creative element, which determines how your website looks and feels. Web development and web design are two different fields, though it all comes down to creating an online environment for your business. Even though these are distinct skill sets, some website design companies combine the two into a single workflow that allows you to get your website built and designed without going to different agencies.

2. Why is it important?

Web design is very important. The aesthetic part of it is responsible for creating a nice feeling inside your website visitors’ minds, which in turn, makes them want to hang around and explore different pages. And the interface design element provides the smoothness of the experience. When all of it is done right, people are happy to spend time online on your websites. This results in more sales (if you sell online) or building trust with customers. The latter is no less important than selling. Your website is an immensely valuable resource because it allows you to spread your presence to places where you’re not able to go physically. And the way it looks is what ultimately drives people to become your clients and advocates for your cause.

3. Picking the right web design agency

  • Check out their accolades. A reputable web design studio is going to have successful projects that they are confident to show to their future clients. This kind of ensuring that they are professional is the first step in our checklist, and it’s one of the most important ones.
  • Have a plan. If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. Always keeping your grand strategy in mind is what will account for the results you want to get from a web design firm. Different businesses need different websites. However, no matter the complexity of a website you want to get, a professional web design company will make sure that you get what you need.
  • Come up with your design ideas. Though not necessary, walking into a design agency with some understanding of what you want your website to look like is going to make the process much easier. Designers that work on developing website designs are qualified enough to create everything from scratch, but building up on your existing ideas is going to give your website a unique feel that only you would get right.  
  • Choose responsive web design. There is no way around it. If your website looks cool only on desktops, then you’re missing out on a lot of Internet users who use mobile phones. And about 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. This is a huge number that no business should neglect. Responsive design is a separate item in this list because there are still some companies that would try to sell you the development of a separate mobile version website. The Ubunzo team can create web design in Webflow that will be responsive. Meaning that users will have no issues when browsing your website using smartphones, tablets, or laptops.
  • Check their work. Next thing is to see what their work looks like. Examining websites that a design agency has designed is the best way to determine the level of their professionalism. Look for not only the overall aesthetic feeling but also for usability. It has to be there in order to make the online experience as smooth as possible. Also, check out if the design agency has experience in working with businesses in the same industry as you are. All these little things matter when you embark on a big design project.
  • Do you match? Finding the right design studio that matches your understanding of what beautiful is is a must. There could be nothing more frustrating than hiring a design firm, explaining your expectations to them, and finding out that the end result is not what you wanted. To prevent this from happening, see if what they’ve created resembles your preferred aesthetics. This way you save a lot of time and resources that you could’ve spent with the wrong design company.
  • SEO. Having SEO as a service that you get at a design studio is what will drive Internet traffic to your newly-developed website. Design may work only if it’s seen, and with a huge amount of inbound traffic, there are better chances that the design efforts will not be in vain.
  • Look for a balance. Great websites have all the boxes ticked – starting from flawless and aesthetic design, and ending with the smallest UI elements that play into an overarching user experience. A reputable web design company will be able to pull it off, leaving you with an outstanding website that provides a seamless experience to the people.
  • The last thing is online reviews. Though we’re all familiar with paid reviews and stuff, it won’t hurt if you look at some of the reviews online. Taking a look at the trend of what these reviews are saying, you’ll have a clear picture of what it feels like to work with a given design agency. The only thing to keep in mind though is to take these reviews with a grain of salt. And not all clients of any business leave their reviews. As a rule, people leave reviews when frustrated or extremely happy.


Here you have it. The importance of web design that is aesthetically pleasing and responsive is quite obvious. Your website is the online avatar of your company and brand, thus investing in developing web design that is alluring and selling is always worth it. Finding the right design studio for making your dreams come true is not a trivial task. It requires a thoughtful approach, and there are a lot of things to keep in mind when evaluating potential candidates. Now with the help of this checklist, you’ll be able to find a perfect fit for any web design project.

With that said, we’re happy to offer you our web design services. The Ubunzo design studio has the right expertise for accomplishing projects of any complexity. Whether it’s websites or web-based apps, we’ll make it happen. Please contact us and let’s discuss how design can help your business prosper.