What Does A Design Studio Do?

Graphic Design
February 2, 2023
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A design studio is a creative workplace where you can order specific design services to enhance your business operations. The most popular types of such services are video design, brand design, motion design, NFT design, and web design.

Design has many faces, and graphic design is one of the most requested services that allow business owners to boost their marketing and branding campaigns. Creating captivating visuals that drive sales isn’t enough. It’s important to not miss out on an opportunity to showcase your brand values and build trust with the customers. And design is the best way to achieve it all.

1. What is design?

There are many definitions of design. We can say that it’s a process of creating something new. And it can be the said creation. Or even the end result that we experience when interacting with something that has been created. But it would make our lives more complicated if we were to use all those definitions in this article. Today we’ll talk about what design studios do. In short, they deal in graphic design. This is what we’ll cover in this article.

Graphic design is a way of constructing and executing ideas that change reality with the help of visual and textual content. That’s the simplest and most precise version you can ever get. There are a lot of subtypes of design that design agencies specialize in. For instance, there is video design, NFT design, motion design, digital design, and so on and so forth. A versatile design studio has experience if not in all of those areas, then certainly in most of them. With the explanation part out of the way, let’s focus on what a design studio is.

2. What is a design studio?

In simple terms, a design studio is a workplace where designers create visual representations of concepts and ideas that help other people achieve clear communication with the target audience. Using different versions of the design, a design firm helps businesses promote their products and create content that fits a bigger branding plan.

The creativity of designers working in those agencies coupled with the right skills makes them lethal in achieving goals for their clients. And one of the most important things for any business is improving its avatar on the market. It includes brand awareness and other branches of branding where design plays an important role. Design services are numerous and each of them has its place in a greater strategy that drives a business forward and makes it more efficient.

3. The most popular design services

This is quite a comprehensive list of design services that you can get in a design studio. Some types of design that are not mentioned can be included in the categories that we describe below.

  • Advertising design. The main goal of this type of design is to create visual assets for advertisements. To be able to pull it off, designers should be skilled not only at designing stunning graphics but also at marketing to understand the underlying principles of what makes people buy a certain product. Producing artwork for a specific audience is a bit different from just drawing something beautiful and calling it a day. And as with branding, which we’ll cover down the line, advertising design should have a character to it that corresponds with the brand values.
  • Web design. Great web design helps bolster your online presence. Without a place on the Internet where you’re able to tell the world about your products, you cannot expect your business to blow up in a matter of weeks. Conversely, beautiful web design for your website can be an immensely powerful asset for skyrocketing your presence across the globe. The combo of aesthetics and usability (the latter is achieved by optimizing UX and UI) works wonders. You can say that the functionality of your website is similar to having a gun loaded, and having an outstanding design is what pulls the trigger. Both of these components are vital, and thus we cannot escape the subject of UI & UX design.
  • UI and UX design. It’s a continuation of web design that brings the external part of the web experience to a conclusion. With a growing number of apps that offer much more than old-school web environments, this subset of design has become a lot more prevalent than it was just a decade ago. UI designers are concerned with how the app’s interface looks like. While UX designers are trying to optimize the user interface so it feels intuitive to use. Both of them have a say in how an app works and looks. Working together, UX and UI designers make sure that the end-user gets the smoothest app experience possible – both aesthetic- and functional-wise.
  • Brand design. Brand designers are tasked with developing a visual identity of a brand. It includes separate elements that work in a single system that helps people identify this brand on the market and understand its unique value proposition. The visual brand identity consists of a logo, brand colors, photography, typography, and other essentials that give a brand its uniqueness. Design in branding is crucial for letting your customers know that you’re different from the competitors and how exactly you’re going to benefit their lives.
  • Motion graphics design. Motion design is a great investment because it provides a fresh outlook on content people encounter online. Videos and animations are getting more popular due to their ability to communicate a brand’s message at a much higher speed. With more and more companies utilizing this great content marketing tool, you might want to implement motion graphics into your business as soon as possible.  
  • Product design. The term refers to planning, creating, and upgrading a product that solves the end-user’s needs. There’s a ton of research that goes into the development of a product, and it requires a whole gang of professionals to see the result that comes at the other end of a pipeline. Graphic designers provide their expertise to create a product’s exterior design elements. If there are elements of UI/UX, then a design agency would provide that as well. Of course, there are many types of product design, but, for the most part, design studios will be there to help you during all stages of product life-cycle management.
  • Packaging design. It can be considered a part of branding design, but the packaging is not only about looking good and enticing. Designing a package that is functional and able to protect what’s inside is a part of UX development. Designers that create packages that not only sell via imagery and text but also are easy to use put a lot of effort into it. And it makes sense to go to any lengths to develop beautiful and functional packages. After all, it’s the package your customers see first and it’s the package where the user experience begins.


Design matters. There’s no way around it if you’re a business owner who wants to grow your company and change the world at the same time. With design being the foundational component of everything you see around you, ensuring that this part gets the most attention is always worth it. Design studios offer a wide array of services that can benefit your business no matter how big you are. From product design that helps you develop a product that people would enjoy using to UX/UI design that tackles the smaller elements that are no less important, there’s nothing a professional design agency cannot do.

Picking the right design agency can be challenging. Luckily, if you’ve read this far, you may see that the Ubunzo design studio has an outstanding service record. No matter what it is you need – whether it’s catchy motion graphics or intricate product visualization, we are here to help you. Please feel free to reach out to us to share your plans. Let’s work together.