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A whole design agency to help grow your business for the price of a single junior designer
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Services we offer
UI/UX Design
3D Modeling
3D Animation
Webflow Dev
3D Motion Graphics
2D Animation
2D Motion Graphics
3D Visualization
3D Rigging
3D Still Shots
2D Illustrations
Graphic Design
Pitch decks
Media graphics
Trade show banners
Sales Decks
Business Cards
Ads and Banners
Social Media Graphics
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Subscription benefits

Some of the reasons why a design subscription just makes sense.
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Unlimited Requests

With your subscription, enjoy unlimited requests, as if you had an in-house designer at your disposal. We efficiently manage your tasks and revisions, addressing them one or two at a time, to keep your projects moving without delay.
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Lightning speed

We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround times, which surpass those of typical design agencies. Expect to receive updates from us every 1-3 business days, subject to the complexity of your request, ensuring prompt progress on your projects.
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Full Ownership

Gain complete ownership of all design outputs and assets through our collaboration. Additionally, access a broad array of licenses, plugins, and tools at no extra cost, enriching your design capabilities.
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Easy Management

A Notion task board will be set up for tracking project progress. We're also prepared to integrate with your existing project management tools, such as Slack, Discord, TG, or any other platform you prefer, for optimal collaboration.
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Premium Quality

Access elite design talent without the high costs: Get services from the top 1% in branding, design, and development at the cost of a junior-level designer. Enjoy premium project management and art direction affordably.
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No Commitments

Flexible subscription with no hidden fees: Use our services as needed, cancel anytime. No extra charges for cancellation, ensuring your subscription ends smoothly after the current billing period without complications
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“Working with Ubunzo team has always been a great experience. Whenever I work with them, they always go above and beyond to ensure the best result.”
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Jordan Shou, CMO at Lumana
“Ubunzo deliver work of the highest quality in a timely, caring, and professional fashion. I use their services often, and the results speak for themselves.”
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Jason Singleton, CEO at 1Ton.Press
Ubunzo In-House
• Unlimited Requests
• Unlimited Revisions
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Frequently Asked Questions
What's the catch?
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There are no hidden conditions: you may submit an unlimited number of requests for any of our services. Upon receiving your requests, we will collaborate with you to determine the priorities and commence work on these tasks in the agreed sequence, provided you have an active subscription with us. Please read our terms of service.

What counts as a request?
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A request or task refers to any job you assign to us. This could range from designing a logo and making revisions to an existing design, to performing website maintenance, or any other task. Essentially, a request is anything that necessitates someone from our team dedicating time and effort to your projects.

How do I make a payment, and can I cancel the subscription?
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You can make payments using a card through our Stripe partner. You are free to use our subscription for as long as you wish and can cancel at any time. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees or penalties for cancellation; your subscription simply will not renew the following month. Should you decide to cancel, you can easily do so from your Stripe client portal or by contacting us directly.

What is the workflow?
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For example, if you submit three tasks at the same time and specify their priorities, we will start with the task considered the highest priority. Once completed, we will send it to you for review. While you review the first task, we will proceed with the second-highest priority task. Upon receiving your feedback on the task of highest priority, we will pause the current task to make the necessary adjustments to the first one, before resuming work on the subsequent task.

How quickly do you work?
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The performance of your account is influenced by the number of subscriptions you hold. A subscription is a unit of output, signifying our capability to deliver results within a business day through the concerted efforts of our team and software. The productivity achievable with a single subscription varies due to several determinants, such as the plan type, request volume, and request complexity. While we cannot guarantee a specific volume of work per subscription, adding more subscriptions to your account can enhance our capacity to fulfill tasks within a business day. We commit to providing updates or results every 1-2 business days, depending on the scope and complexity of the task, as well as on the progress of the work.

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