Why Does Web Design Matter?

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Considering rebuilding your website you might think about how it will influence your audience and your business. There are at least five reasons for the importance of web design. Buckle up!

1. The impression of your company depends on the first visit to your website.

If you want to make a good impression on your viewers in the opening seconds your website should be updated and informative. It should have a pleasant design and be well-constructed.

In another way, potential customers will leave your page for a more successful company and you will lose out on sales.

2. It influences perception.

By browsing your website and looking at the design potential clients determine how you serve them and how you see your target market. If you haven’t your own website with exclusive design elements they feel that you are not interested in assisting them.

Your website functions like a customer care agent. That’s why if you consider user experience, have UI/UX designer on your staff, or use the services of a web design studio your site will be welcoming, clean, and contemporary and visitors will feel more at home.

If the design of your website is dated and ugly people accept your company as distant and uncaring and don’t have the desire to cooperate with a company that doesn't appreciate them.

An updated and contemporary site design looks very friendly and welcomes new visitors.

3. It influences SEO optimization and SEO ranking

You may use different techniques while creating your website but without SEO-friendly code it won’t be successful and won’t provide google ranking.

If you don’t know how web design functions, and can’t generate leads the best way is to apply for services to an experienced web design studio where specialists will help to do the responsive design, using effective techniques.

4. Your rivals are already in the game

You need another argument? Here's a compelling one for the substance of web design: welcome to the 21st century, where web design is already being used by your competitors. If you want to rise to the challenge of being noticed, you must use an appealing web design on your website.

Your website should stand out from the crowd. If your site is obsolete, poor quality, and out of date, your opponents will rank better than you. Fact, bears eat beats...eh... I mean fact, your website won't operate as well as its well-designed self. In simple words, the longer you will keep your WordPress granny the longer some percentage of your well-deserved sales will go to your competitors' pockets.

To stand out among the crowd use modern UI/UX design and animations on your website. When your company is directly competing with another one, your services or products, prices, and sometimes even the unique selling points are often pretty-nitty similar. You need to have that one thing that will set you apart.

5. Modern looks lead to more trust

Let's play a role game. You visit a business website where the team poured their hearts out to explain how much they care about their clients and how they will go above and beyond to serve your needs... BUT the images are so pixelated your eyes hurt, some buttons just don't click, the overall website looks like it was designed sometime between World War 1 and World War 2, and, god bless my heart, they used green text on red background...brrr. Can you actually trust that this business cares about you? No, because you value yourself, darling! You as a client love finding the information you need in seconds, you love when the right buttons are highlighted, and you love when website structure makes sense.  

A good website sends rays of goodness and credibility to your viewers. Consumers will have faith in your company and feel at ease investigating it further. There are more possibilities for your company to gather sales when users hang out on your website longer.


We hope these 5 arguments persuade you to prioritize smart and on-point web design in your company. Your design tip for today is to get your website design updated to step closer to winning the market. Additionally to our article take a glance at what DesighRush thinks about a website redesign and why you should prioritize your company's website design, and how to approach it with their step-by-step guide.

Get in touch with us if you'd like a free site assessment. We will evaluate your present website and provide advice and modifications that might significantly increase your conversion rate.

If you just updated your website and are confident about it, there is always room for brand perfection and business improvement - consider adding some spice by using 2D or 3D Motion graphic videos or product visualization.