Web Design UI/UX

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Functional and beautiful. We design websites and web-based apps that attract customers and resonate with your business. Our developers will build a codeless Webflow/Tilda website or web-based app that will be easy to manage and maintain. We include an SEO optimization service at no charge for every website we develop to ensure that it gets treated well by web search algorithms. We also offer a CMS integration in your e-commerce or blog for an easy and drag-and-drop experience that will optimize your content creation processes. If you are looking for the best web search ranking possible and a good online presence for your business – UBUNZO!

We offer a social media presence and blog post content management to ensure that unique and custom-made content is being created and uploaded to your web handlers on the regular basis. Check our Branding and Web Presence Services where you will find full-package content management including social network content creation and blog post copywriting. An absolute killer tool when it comes to outplaying your competitors.

During the discovery phase, we want to learn everything about the product, service, project, and people we will be working with. We get to know you to be able to better immerse in your team to build the foundation of your successful online presence.


We will do thorough research for your market and assess your competitors’ web presence based on 50+  criteria. We will put all our findings in a report with personalized suggestions. This research will be the mainstay of our design decision or trigger for new ideas.


We will create a mood board and experiment with styling, colors, and UI design elements to find a unique look for your new website. We will plan all the content layouts that your website will require. Don’t have textual content and graphical assets? No worries, we are here for you! We can either use license-free content or develop unique graphical assets specifically for you. Our copywriting team will develop perfect texts including the meta-data with the right keywords that will provide the best possible SEO ranking for your future website.


We graduate to wireframes and actual prototypes. Our goal is to enhance your clients’ web journey, and we will find the most relevant and interactive design for you. In the design stage, you will be presented with a few different options and the best of them will be the final version ready for production.


The fun begins in the development stage—with some Webflow magic, the static designs will turn into a fully functioning website. Our team will ensure that the website is smooth, responsive, SEO-optimized, and ready for launch.


The testing stage is our last stop before launching your website. We incorporate your feedback and add the final touches to ensure that this is the web solution of your dream.