What Is NFT Design Studio?

December 30, 2022
Abstraction in purple and black colors with rocks and gems

An NFT design studio is a gateway to the wonderworld that emerged several years ago – the world of NFTs. NFT design services of such a company will give you a chance to bid your NFT artworks against the best samples of NFT art there are on the market.

Apart from creating NFT collections just for aesthetic purposes, a lot of businesses use NFTs to increase brand awareness and attract new audiences. Seeing how fast the NFT world is evolving, there is no doubt that NFTs bear a lot of potential for artists and creators of all sorts.

1. What is NFT

First of all, we need a quick refresher on what NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) are. The term is pretty much self-explanatory and means that there can only be one asset that a given NFT represents. NFTs can represent both digital and physical assets, but in this article, we’ll focus on NFT artwork and its design part. NFT artists were quick to realize the potential of non-fungible tokens, as they offer a lot of opportunities for creating artwork. With a provable and traceable history of ownership, non-fungible tokens have created new ways to get paid for Web3 artists. For example, they can receive royalties every time their artworks are sold. There are a lot of NFT marketplaces that offer creators to sell their NFTs without intermediaries and huge commissions. This fact alone increases the popularity of this kind of assets.

Now many corporations and businesses around the world choose NFTs as a means to get a hold of new audiences and ride the wave of hype. This gave rise to a plethora of NFT design studios, which offer Web3 design services to all people who are interested in creating and ultimately selling NFT artworks.

2. NFT design studios: what you should know

An NFT design studio is a company that helps you create unforgettable and stunning NFTs or even whole collections of them. After that, you can put those artworks on marketplaces and watch them being sold and resold, which yields you royalties. An NFT design studio can be an easy way for you to enter the world of Web3. Here’s one of our previous articles where we explain how to create NFT art.

The technical part of launching your own NFT collection is made simple due to an abundance of NFT marketplaces such as Opensea or Rarible, which offer hustle-free mining and listing. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the bottleneck is actually the creative stuff. Uploading a digital file and minting an NFT is easy. Creative artworks that get people interested and willing to buy are hard to come by. To see your NFT climb the rankings and get to the top of an NFT marketplace takes a lot of effort, and you’ll need professionals working on your NFT design. Thus, utilizing the skillset of a reputable Web3 design studio, you’ll be able to get what you want from your NFT enterprise.

NFT design agencies have extensive knowledge about the industry, and would gladly help you with creating the best design for you. Whether it’s purely for artistic purposes or for in-game assets – it doesn’t matter. And a good thing is that almost all such studios employ a variety of professionals. That means that your request gets the most coverage from all angles design-wise. The main services that NFT studios have to offer come next.                                                          

3. Services that NFT design studios provide

There are several types of services that an NFT studio can provide. And it’s not only from a pure design standpoint. Some agencies also include marketing and promotion of NFTs.

2D NFTs make up a major portion of all non-fungible tokens there are. It can be as simple as CryptoPunks or as sophisticated as Bored Ape Yacht Club. What you need is your grand vision and the rest is up to the NFT artists that you choose to work with.

Then there are 3D NFTs that have great potential in various metaverses and games. And these are even cooler than their two-dimensional counterparts. Not to mention that people live in a 3D world and have a close affinity to anything that resembles what they see around them. Top-notch NFT design companies always try to get a hold of prominent 3D artists with portfolios that include AAA video games and other projects that require creating astonishing real-looking three-dimensional models.

If you thought that nothing could be cooler than 3D NFTs, then enter animated NFTs. These take 2D and 3D assets to another level because they add even more uniqueness to non-fungible tokens. And remember, that animations have always been appealing to the human eye. That is also true for NFT collectors that tend to accumulate the best NFT assets that marketplaces have to offer.

And, of course, what could be better than a single NFT? Only a collection of NFTs. Adding a bit of variety to each and every NFT artwork and creating a unique collection is worth doing. The whole collection can tell a story in a way that a single NFT asset could never do. Collections are also great for branding purposes, as they increase recognition of your brand and make untapped audiences interested in what you do.

4. Benefits of working with NFT studios

NFT studios are worth to be highlighted among other companies that do design. There is a lot of effort going into creating a single NFT, but finding the right NFT studio makes this problem disappear. Seamless client experience and individual approach to every customer are what almost all NFT companies excel at. That’s not to mention the combined experience of people working there. What makes NFT studios affordable to everyone is low operational costs. Dealing with digital assets means that people don’t have to work in one place - thus, there's no rent - and there are no logistics involved.

It all starts with research. While the designing part is pretty much straightforward, there are a couple more things that NFT agencies can help you with. It’s advertising and marketing. Putting NFTs out in the world and reaching people is going to be the main determining factor of the success of your digital artwork.

And the last point we wanted to touch on is that an NFT studio could help you with creating a marketing strategy that is going to work. Seeing how things could play out in the long run and deploying some NFTs to either change the trajectory or create a new one is the main goal of strategic analysis and marketing strategy. This is the power of NFTs nowadays – non-fungible tokens are like websites in the early 00s. Positioning yourself in the right spot and hiring an NFT company to do the job would be a great investment in your future.


NFTs have changed the world and are continuing to do so. Opening new playing fields for all creative people around the world, they also bring ease of use and distribution opportunities that make intermediaries such as art galleries and publishers obsolete. At the same time, NFT studios enter the stage and represent a great way to outsource all elements of NFT production – from coming up with creative ideas and designing NFT artworks to development and marketing. The Ubunzo NFT studio is here to help you propel your vision into the world. If you would like to work with us on your future NFT art then please contact us and we’ll get it done.