How To Create NFT Art?

December 27, 2022
ai generated abstraction.cubical item on the sand

NFTs are all the rage nowadays. And if you want to give it a try, you’re about to discover a whole new world of creating and selling your first digital NFT art. As with any form of creative endeavor, there are a lot of nuances, and today we’ll tell you all about those.

When it comes to designing and creating NFT artwork, there are two stages that we would like to highlight. The first stage is actually designing your artwork. Whether you have some sketches or you’re starting completely from scratch, a good design studio or design agency will make sure that you get what you want. And the second part of this process is minting an NFT, and all that techy stuff. We’ll cover it in another article.

Below are the major steps in designing an NFT artwork.


It all starts with an idea. Researching and understanding why you need to launch your own NFT collection are important for your success. That is why almost all NFT studios have this process in place. Every little thing that can help us know your business better is going to contribute towards how your digital artwork is going to perform online. Getting to learn about clients as much as possible is often a missing link that a lot of designers don’t have.

As with any kind of B2C or B2B endeavor, always keeping in mind end users’ needs is paramount. We always make sure that the people who would buy NFTs – NFT collectors – would get the most pleasant experience from interacting with your NFT collections. Again, the user-centric approach is the one that always works.

Mood board

Now it’s time for organizing references for all characters, their traits, colors, etc. To make it all as neat as possible, we like to use mood boards.

It’s a nice way to keep things organized so there is no mess. It’s a key resource for every design project because staying consistent with aesthetics and keeping track of our client’s goals and the big picture is always important.

One of the pros of using mood boards is making sure that clients always know what we’re talking about. Trying to explain different shades of green or invoking mental images of “grotesque” fonts in their minds not always works. That’s why they say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Character development

After everything is set, we move on to the next step – character development. The character development really matters. Giving your character… well… a character will make it easier for the audience to emotionally connect to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mascot or an object. The main thing is to make it memorable so it evokes emotions in viewers. That’s how they ultimately decide to give your client’s NFTs a try.

We use all references that we have worked up to on our mood board. Once we have several versions, we begin to add colors and details to the character.

Trait development

This is a subsequent step. Though it’s one of the most time-consuming stages. With our base ready, we move on to creating and presenting traits to the client in buckets. That simply means that we create all iterations of a particular item before moving to the next one.

Here’s a quick pro tip for you when working on traits. If you want NFT collectors to focus on the character and the idea that it conveys, it would be a good move to not get caught in complexities. That means not overloading it with lots of accessories and stuff. This is the case when less is more.

Marketing content creation

Apart from creating NFT design itself, we can also help you with quality branding. It’s always easier to establish long-lasting relationships with the audience when your branding and marketing are on point. And creating conditions so that people instantly recognize your NFT collection from everything else is also important.

But your brand is not only your NFTs – it’s your website, logo, banner, and other content through which you interact with your clients. And we would gladly assist you in creating or improving any of that. We gathered a list of at least 5 reasons why you should take your web design seriously in our recent article.


As you see, the process of designing your NFT is simple. We don’t say it’s easy, but it’s pretty straightforward. The main thing that determines whether you succeed or not is your big vision and the right skillset of the design team that you pick. The rest is just following the process and communication. This combo plus the idea always results in wonderful NFT collections that win the hearts of people all over the world.