What Is Brand Book?

February 16, 2023
Brand book 3d image

A brand book, sometimes referred to as a brand guidelines document, is a resource that describes the brand identity of a given organization. It includes details on the company's vision, core principles, visual identity, messaging, and other brand-related elements.

Why you may need one

A brand book can be an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. It provides a clear and consistent direction for all branding and marketing efforts. When you try to outline your company's brand identity, a brand book will help ensure that all communications, from social media posts to advertising campaigns, are consistent and align with the company's overall established values and brand design.

A brand book has many advantages, one of which is that it protects a company's brand. A brand book aids in preventing the misuse of the brand by outlining precise rules for its use. This is especially helpful for businesses that depend on a strong brand reputation, like high-end service providers or manufacturers of luxury goods.

Clear internal communication is another reason why you may need a brand book. A brand book can assist employees in understanding the firm's values and messaging by outlining specific standards for the brand identity of the organization. This can improve communication and result in more coherent and productive work.

Creating a brand book

When you create your brand, you should create a brand book as well. To develop one, businesses will typically work with a branding agency or a design studio with experience in creating brand guidelines from scratch. The process usually involves research, such as conducting surveys, to gain insights into the company's target audience and the values and messaging that resonate with them. Once this stage of the process is cleared, the branding agency will come up with a comprehensive brand book that includes the company's mission and values, visual identity, messaging, and voice.


A brand book is a comprehensive document that outlines a company's brand identity and provides solid guidelines for all branding and marketing operations. It can help a business solidify its position as a brand, provide consistency in external and internal communications, and create a high-performing workforce. It's designed by a branding agency or a design firm with knowledge of developing brand guidelines. Conducting prior research to gain a better understanding of the company's target audience and the values and messaging that resonates with them is also a crucial step that determines the quality of a brand book that comes at the other side of this process. If you would like to work with Ubunzo on your brand book, please let us know!