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Unified Building Security on a Single Pane of Glass. Despite living in a highly connected world, fragmented physical security is still an issue for many modern organizations. Rhombus Access Control provides a seamless experience for remote management of building access and credentials, integrating with other systems such as cameras, sensors, and alarms. This centralized approach enables more efficient security management, with reduced risk of missed data, wasted time, longer investigations, and delayed emergency response times. The Rhombus Platform is an ideal central nervous system for physical security management, suitable for companies of all sizes.
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The Rhombus team recently approached us with an exciting project - they wanted to create a captivating 30-second animation to showcase their brand new product line of Access Controls. They were eager to demonstrate the sleek and minimalist design of their new products, highlighting their beauty and elegance.


We were thrilled to work with the Rhombus team on this project, and we immediately set to work brainstorming ideas for the animation. The team's vision for the animation was clear - they wanted to showcase the simplicity and sophistication of the product design.

We collaborated closely with the Rhombus team to develop the concept for the animation, taking inspiration from the clean lines and geometric shapes that are central to the product's design. Through the animation, we were able to bring the Rhombus team's vision to life, showcasing the sleek and sophisticated design of their new product line. The animation captured the beauty of the products, highlighting their minimalistic appearance, leaving viewers in awe of the Rhombus team's innovation.

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