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Bookshelf is a crypto-backed e-book collection that is planning to change the crypto market.

Bookshelf is a crypto-backed e-book collection that is planning to change the crypto market. Users may read, borrow, and locate new books with Bookshelf. What sets them apart is that users can pay using ETH or Bitcoin. The website also offers the option of self-publishing. The system automatically distributes tokens to authors who self-publish their works so that they may get paid on their cryptocurrency wallets as soon as a book is purchased.
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an animated character is shocked

The bookshelf team was planning to create an NFT collection of 5,000 unique dinosaur portraits issued as non-fungible tokens during Littleneck NFT Season One. Each Littleneck features a custom-sculpted juvenile Sauroposeidon with randomly generated traits posing for school pictures. The video was planned to be used as a trailer for the collection and depict the moment when the NFTs aka school pics were taken.


We discussed the plot of the video with the Bookshelf team and proceeded to storyboard creation. We drafted sketches for all the scenes and gathered references in a mood board and sent everything for approval. Upon approval, we started working on animating the characters and building up the scenes. Once everything was in place and approved, we polished the video with textures and lighting and rendered all the sequences with passes. We then composted the video and added color correction. The client ended up loving the animation and looking forward to working on the Season Two NFT trailer.

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