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Bookshelf is a brand-new crypto-backed e-book library.

Bookshelf allows users to access a variety of books and provides options to read, borrow and discover new ones. The platform supports payment via ETH or Bitcoin, and also facilitates self-publishing. For authors who choose to self-publish, the system automatically distributes tokens to their cryptocurrency wallets upon acquisition of their book, ensuring prompt compensation.
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an animated dinosaur is about to chase the main character

Bookshelf team wanted to create a 3D animation - promo video for one of the self-published books from their platform. They came to us with the idea to make a short 3D video for "Dino Mike," a book about a dinosaur who gets mixed up in some exciting events with some first graders. The video was aimed to be a direct reference to an epic scene from a "Jurassic Park" movie.


We recreated the “Jurassic Park” scene in 3D and utilized characters from he book. Once the storyboard and concept had been approved, we began work on the rough edit of the 3D video without the materials. After the animation was complete, we examined it to make sure the appropriate textures, materials, and color scheme had been employed to highlight the mood of the book.

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an animated character holding up the dinosaur in the arms
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