4 Ways To Incorporate NFTs Into Your Business

December 27, 2022
ai generated abstraction. cubical item on the water with the moon behind

NFTs serve as a way to ensure the uniqueness of any digital asset. This kind of token is recorded in a blockchain and provides proof of ownership. In one word, there cannot be two identical NFTs. That is in stark contrast to conventional digital currencies (such as BTC or ETH), which are fungible assets. This means that they can be used interchangeably with any other token of the same kind.

To put it simply, NFTs provide a way of storing digital assets. These assets can represent digital artwork, music, intellectual property, or even a certificate of ownership of any physical item. This new asset class is unique in a way that the proof of origin is backed by blockchain technology. Thus it cannot be overwritten or tampered with by anyone. We have written a whole article about benefits of NFTs for digital artists.

Nowadays businesses have a lot of options to attract new investment opportunities or create active business communities thanks to non-fungible tokens. This is a new avenue for small businesses, which engage in media and entertainment. Nurturing their own NFT strategies and leveraging those effectively would yield competitive advantages. Here are the 4 ways how your business can benefit from NFTs.

1. Raising funding from individual investors

Utilizing NFTs to raise funding to grow your existing business or startup is a great use case for non-fungible tokens. There is no need to go to banks or venture capital firms. Now many small businesses prefer NFT fundraising.

For example, an NFT can represent a share of your company that is backed by a blockchain. From time immemorial, businesses have raised capital by selling their shares via IPO. Now they have a chance to use NFTs to do just that. This in turn creates a wider pool of investors who can be interested in funding your venture. Offering a great NFT design is imperative if you want to attract new investors. Our studio – Ubunzo - will gladly assist you in this venture. We have developed an entire pipeline that helped us successfully deliver graphical assets to numerous NFT startups.

2. Building a strong business community

Another way to use NFTs for company growth is to build a great community of like-minded people. You can employ NFTs to give people access to your own private community. There are several ways of doing that (for instance, you can use Discord + Collab.land). Investors that join your secret community may gain access to the valuable information you share and discuss it within your network.

There is an increasing number of exclusive business communities that use digital tokens to gain access. Due to the absolute proof of ownership via blockchain, there is no way anyone can access your community without owning a required access token. This approach is quite beneficial. You don't have to build an intricate system of storing the private data of users. You can just enjoy the ease of using NFTs. NFTs make it simple.

3. Connecting NFTs to your physical items

Creating virtual products and digital items for customers in the era of digitalization is a must. And it would be an even greater idea to connect those to real products.

For instance, an apparel brand may encourage customers to purchase both a hoodie and an NFT that represents it. Adidas is trying to pull it off with Adidas Originals NFT. With it, you can redeem new merchandise using your NFT every time they roll out a new collection. This is a great chance for e-Commerce businesses to increase their profits. This is huge because NFTs help you reach new markets and clients.

There is another bonus to this. Smart-contracts enable NFT developers to receive royalties when people resell their NFTs. If people are interested in getting access to your exclusive items, then there will be some circulation of non-fungible tokens issued by you. By employing this, you can receive almost a passive income. The main thing though is to maintain your community and not let your brand stagnate.

4. Raising funds for charities

Some people just love to help others. And some would like to be reimbursed for their charitable activities. Can you imagine a better way to commend your supporters than by giving them the chance to get one of your rare NFTs? What if they could get their hands on a cool virtual avatar along with access to your exclusive network?

There is a great example of this – The Flower Girl NFT collection. This is a stunning NFT art collection with a great community. The project also donated a major share of its profits to Children's Charities. That even includes the royalties. That’s modern NFT artists for you.

This way you can not only promote your company and bring in some hype, it also allows you to change the world for the better.


NFTs are bringing a change in how startups and small businesses align their marketing and promotional efforts. Utilizing NFTs can be a great way to build trust and reach new customers. New sources of income, new opportunities for your brand, providing your community access to exclusive networking events… That’s a whole new world of possibilities. Not to mention the impact your company can make by helping other people and donating to various causes that change the world in real-time.