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With, collaboration is possible from any device, even your smartphone

You may record your next Platinum album from anywhere on Earth and on the go. Stude app is an absolute necessity for musicians, composers, and producers who enjoy traveling and working remotely.
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The ability to compose music with anybody, anywhere, without delay is one of the key aspects of the platform has been working on, therefore they approached us and requested to make a 3D motion design animation that could showcase these features using metaphors and visual cues as part of a comprehensive investment campaign.


We created a video scenario that demonstrates collaboration choices, the ability to work with individuals from around the world without any lag time, and interoperability with different recording programs. Following approval of the storyboard and concept, we produced the rough cut of the 3d video without the materials. After the animation was finished, we checked to see that the right textures, materials, and color palette were used to emphasize the software's vibe.

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