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Rhombus modernizes business physical security with its straightforward design.

Rhombus modernizes business physical security with its straightforward design. Organizations may automate and control their security from any location by fusing robust hardware with easy-to-use software. Rhombus puts a lot of effort into providing a fantastic experience for its partners and consumers by utilizing scalable and intelligent technologies.
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the showcase of the rhombus products usage

Rhombus needed a hero video for their main page of the website, in the hero video, they wanted to showcase their flagship products, including several sensors, cameras, and their online console. The Rhombus team wanted the video to look friendly and playful. The company wanted to leave an impression of an approachable enterprise that is ready to serve others' needs.


We came up with the storyboard and gathered more references for the mood board after the initial discovery stage, during which we talked with the clients about their needs, the target audience, competitors, and future plans for utilizing the renders. We never skip the storyboard stage because it serves as a visual representation of the upcoming video. After receiving approval for the storyboard and mood board, we began animating the cameras and other objects. The animation was well received by the customer, so we continued by including colors and lighting. The customer gave their approval to the colored version of the video after several rounds of editing. We produced the final animation, assembled it using the passes, and submitted it well before the deadline.

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