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PROBarrier is a leading brand in the anti-terrorism vehicle barriers sector.

The team of highly skilled professionals with education and expertise in hydraulic repair, fabrication, installation, and automation support their "Can-Do" mentality. Their manually controlled movable barriers are easy to use, move, stack for compact storage, and need very little upkeep.
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PROBarrier came to us with a request to create a product animation of their Enforcer barrier. The barrier has a high vehicle stopping power, it allows to deconstruct and assemble if needed and the design is customizable. The team wanted a simple yet dynamic animation of their product and they were planning to showcase the video along with the product during an expo that was destined to happen 3 weeks after we started to work, so our design team was on a tight timeline.


After the first discovery step, when we spoke with the client about their goals, the target audience, and further plans for using the renderings, we developed the storyboard and acquired further references for the mood board. Because it acts as a visual depiction of the impending video, we never skip the storyboard stage. We started animating the cameras and other items when the storyline and mood board were approved. The buyer was pleased with the animation, so we continued by adding colors and lights. After numerous iterations of editing, the buyer approved the colored version of the video. We created the final animation, put it together utilizing the passes, and turned it in well ahead of time.

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