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Canurta is a Canadian-based biotech company

Canurta is striving to introduce natural solutions powered by hemp-derived polyphenols to people suffering from inflammation. Canurta’s products also help relieve the strains, tensions, and discomfort brought on by inflammatory reactions that become difficult to control. Canurta is the only Canadian company that currently offers dual inhibition of proinflammatory chemicals, so we were proud that they reached out to us.
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When Canurta approached us, they wanted to use blockchain technologies to provide a new business model for research and development embedded in supply chain transparency and enhanced methodologies. They were planning to accelerate research funding and community-driven healthcare through the launch of an NFT project, The Healing Project. The NFT needed to have five art pieces and be in a matte painting style.


We started off by briefing the client and learning about the ideas behind their NFT project. Based on the NFT goals and messages that the client wanted to streamline to the perspective NFT holders, we came up with a story and references. After that our team created sketches for each of the five NFTs and we moved forward to blocking the illustrations. Following the blocking phase, we finalized the illustrations and delivered them to the client.

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