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Bookshelf is an emerging e-book library backed by crypto.

With Bookshelf people can read, borrow, and discover new books and pay with ETH or Bitcoin. The website also allows self-publishing. When writers self-publish their books, the system automatically assigns them a token, so that when somebody buys a book, the writer will immediately receive the payment on their crypto wallet.
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Bookshelf has a few self-published novels and they wanted to do a promo video for one of them. They approached us with the desire to create a 3D video for “Dino Mike”, a novel about a little dinosaur that gets caught in an adventurous set of events. The video needed to intrigue readers and give them a hint of the magical yet friendly atmosphere going on in the novel.


We made a whimsical animation that reveals a book and gives you a hint about the reading platform. Once the storyboard and concept had been approved, we began work on the rough edit of the 3D video without the materials. After the animation was complete, we examined it to make sure the appropriate textures, materials, and color scheme had been employed to highlight the mood of the book.

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