NFT Processes

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NFTs now are like websites in the early 00s. Think of them as a fresh way of creating brand awareness. NFTs are a unique proof-of-ownership tool that will help you to explore new venues of investments along with building a solid community of people who are truly interested in your product or service. NFT design is an essential part of our operations. Our NFT designers create 100% hand-drawn and custom-made NFT graphical assets that follow the fast-changing NFT meta and aesthetically attract people.

During the discovery phase, we want to learn everything about the product, service, project, and people we will work with. We get to know you so we can better immerse in your team to build the foundation of your successful online presence.

Mood Board

We will gather and organize references for each trait, base character, and color palette in a mood board. It will allow us to get a big picture of the project and foresee which traits might have alignment issues during randomization.

Character Development

We will create a character sketch based on the style references in the mood board. After completing the iterations, we will add colors and details to the character. The character will serve as a base - all the traits will be layered on top of it.

Marketing Content Creation

Proper branding can help you build relationships with your audience and help distinguish your collection from others. Our NFT studio team is fully involved when we have a job to create a brand. As we can assist you with logo, banner, roadmap, and promo & website content creation.

Attributes Development

Usually, this is the most time-consuming stage. We will create and present the traits in their respective “buckets” (folders).
 For example, the collection has 3 buckets: headgear, eyewear, and clothes. Our team will start by developing all headgear, then we will move to eyewear and so on.

Finalization & Delivery

We will save all the traits in their respective folders and ensure proper naming on every graphical asset. It will be quite easy for you to utilize your randomization scripts and create final NFT artworks.