3D Services: Bridging E-Commerce & Reality

Slam Sarymamedov
December 10, 2022
4 min read
Ubunzo's 3D Services: Bridging E-Commerce & Reality

How 3D Services from Ubunzo can bridge e-commerce and reality.
There are so many advanced methods available now!
For a long time, photos, drawings, and videos were key for advertising.
But now, things are shifting quickly. E-commerce is a huge part of our daily lives.
Big players like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy use all sorts of visuals - from 2D and 3D images to videos and 3D experiences.
This lets shoppers really get to know products before they decide to buy.
The tech industry is always watching these trends, and there are a bunch of 3D visualization tools out there.
The range is huge - you've got Photoshop for 2D images to complex 3D programs like Cinema 4D, Blender, 3dMax, and Maya for detailed 3D images.
How and where customers see these visuals, whether on a website or through a link, is another important thing to consider.

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Pictures outperform text as powerful selling tools

People, including your customers, are increasingly expecting to see what they're buying.
As they shop, they're focusing more on images, which makes sense because images are processed way faster than text – 60,000 times faster.
This has a big impact. It helps people remember about 65% of what they see, compared to just 10-20% of what they read.
That's why showing off products visually, especially in 3 dimensions, is becoming a key part of making sales.
Nowadays, a lot of shopping happens online (e-commerce orders make up a huge 64.8% of manufacturing shipments).
Shoppers are getting smarter and more experienced with digital shopping.
So, any successful company in today's digital world needs to have the latest and greatest visualization tools.
These tools need to be easy for customers to use and really good at drawing them in.

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Uniqueness is a new black

The key is to make your product stand out as unique and exceptional, and that's where 3-dimensional product design is crucial!
The visual aspect of your product is vital. It sparks curiosity, grabs attention, and builds awareness.
How your product looks is essential in setting your company and your products apart from others in the market.
The goal is to attract consumers using all the resources available to 3D visualization artists.
Their skills and expertise need to be robust enough to guide consumers into a deep understanding of the product and its benefits.
This deep dive into the product helps in highlighting what makes it special and why it's worth choosing.

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Visualizations help your clients to… visualize

The last thing you want is your customers’ disappointment and frustration if they choose to return their purchase.
Looking at and assessing your products’ visual 3D renderings, shoppers mentally enjoy possessing them and feel the comfort of using them. It is exciting to feel in advance all the pleasure of a high-quality item looking at it from all angles at the stage of ordering.
Isn’t it a great opportunity to give them this sensation as they look at the colors and textures, enjoy the 3D model itself, and even have a 3D experience?
Experienced design agencies always find new ways to impress shoppers and turn them into buyers.
There are talented 3D artists, 3D visualization designers, and even visualization studios with incredibly creative ideas, skills, and methods, and it is definitely worth cooperating with them.

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Why 3D Services are crucial for E-commerce

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is absolutely true.
Don't miss out on this strategy! Some companies fall behind simply because they don't pay enough attention to how they show off their products – that's where product visualization comes in.

By presenting your customers with great product design, clear images, and a variety of representations, you make them feel confident and satisfied.
They get a clear understanding of what your product is, how it looks, how it functions, and its features.
This highlights its uniqueness and how it differs from competitors' products.
Even if your product looks different from what people are used to, you can seek advice from design agencies on how to clearly communicate its benefits and advantages through product visualization.

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Q: What is the role of 3D services in bridging e-commerce and reality?

3D services from Ubunzo play a crucial role in connecting e-commerce with reality by providing advanced visual methods. Unlike traditional photos and videos, 3D visuals allow customers to thoroughly explore and understand products online, making e-commerce a more immersive and informative experience.

Q: Why are pictures considered more powerful than text in online selling?

Pictures, especially 3D images, are processed much faster by the brain than text - about 60,000 times faster. They also aid in better memory retention, with people remembering approximately 65% of visual content compared to only 10-20% of text. This makes visual content a key component in online sales strategies.

Q: How does unique 3D product design contribute to a brand's success?

Unique 3D product design is essential for setting a brand apart in the market. It captures customer attention and builds product awareness, emphasizing the product's unique features and benefits, which helps in distinguishing it from competitors.

Q: How do 3D visualizations impact customer purchasing decisions?

3-dimensional visualizations allow customers to mentally experience owning and using a product before purchasing. This pre-purchase experience reduces the likelihood of customer disappointment and returns and enhances customer satisfaction and confidence in their buying decisions.

Q: Why are 3D services considered crucial for e-commerce?

3D services are crucial for e-commerce as they provide a clear, detailed, and diverse representation of products and the ability to demonstrate a variety of materials. This visual clarity helps customers understand exactly what they're buying, how the product looks and functions, and its unique features, leading to more informed and confident purchasing decisions.

Q: Can 3D visualizations help products that look different from the norm?

Yes, 3D visualizations are particularly effective for products that differ from the norm. They can be used to clearly communicate the product's benefits and advantages, helping customers understand and appreciate its unique value, even if it's unfamiliar to them.

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