Why Your Business Need Product Visualization For E-Commerce?  

Product Visualization
January 27, 2023
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Product visualization is a key thing for every e-commerce company that strives to be successful.

Good thing there are state-of-the-art methods and plenty of them! Of course, for many years, photographs, drawings, and even videos were the tools to advertise and promote. But things are rapidly changing and moving forward. E-commerce is one of the great realities of our everyday life. The e-commerce giants, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others employ an enormous variety of visual representations - 2D visualization, 3D visualization, videos, and even 3D experience! Today the shoppers have a very exciting opportunity to interact with your products before they make up their minds to buy. IT industry keeps a close watch on what is going on and a variety of 3D product visualization software tools have already been developed. It is amazing how big is the range - from Photoshop to create 2D renders to complex 3D software (Cinema 4D, Blender, 3dMax, Maya) to make high-quality 3D renders of their products with multiple fine details. How exactly and where exactly the shoppers will see the visuals - whether on your web page or by following a link - that’s yet another serious matter always taken into account.

1. Pictures outperform text as powerful selling tools

People in general and your customers, in particular, are getting more and more used to visualizing what they buy. As they browse through opportunities they become more focused on images (by the way, images are processed 60,000 times quicker than text ). The impact is great, it helps clients recall up to 65% of knowledge (versus just 10-20% of text information). Hence the growing role of product visualization as a significant sale funnel. Consumers in e-commerce (today e-commerce orders account for 64.8% of manufacturing shipments) are getting more and more sophisticated and educated in the digital market. Any thriving company within the modern digitalized world is keen on having up-to-date visualization software both user-friendly and efficient in attracting consumers.

2. Uniqueness is a new black

The trick is to present your product as unique and outstanding, and here is where product design comes to play! The visual content of your product is the key thing. It triggers curiosity, attention, and awareness. Your product‘s visual identity is utterly important to distinguish your company and your goods from others in the market. The objective is to appeal to consumers through all the tools available to visualization artists. Their talents and craftsmanship should also be strong enough to help consumers get a “deep dive” into the product and all the benefits it gives.

3. Visualizations help your clients to… visualize

The last thing you want is your customers’ disappointment and frustration if they choose to return their purchase.

Looking at and assessing your products’ visual renderings, shoppers mentally enjoy possessing them and feel the comfort of using them. It is exciting to feel in advance all the pleasure of a high-quality item looking at it from all angles at the stage of ordering. Isn’t it a great opportunity to give them this sensation as they look at the colors and textures, enjoy 3D visualization and even have 3D experience? Nowadays experienced design agencies and visualization services work hand in hand with psychologists to find new ways to impress shoppers and turn them into buyers. There are talented 3D artists and visualization artists and even visualization studios with incredibly creative ideas, skills, and methods and it is definitely worth cooperation with them.


It is a well-proven ancient statement that a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure you do not overlook this approach! Some companies are left behind simply because they are not focused enough on the right representation of their products – product visualization.

By showing your customers a good product design, a precise image, and a diverse representation you make them feel good and confident. They know what exactly your product is, how it looks and how it serves and what are its features. You enhance its uniqueness and how it stands out versus your competitor’s products. Even if it looks different from what people are used to, you can get recommendations from e-commerce agencies - how to explain to your consumers all benefits and advantages by means of product visualization. And if you have already invested time to create beautiful product visualizations, maybe it is time to graduate to utilizing motion graphic videos of your products?