How Design Improves Your Brand Awareness

Digital Marketing
January 2, 2023
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You may have the best product in the world, however, if no one knows about your brand you are in big trouble. If there is no one to buy your stuff, that means that there are no sales. And if you’ve got zero sales that means no money. And that’s just bad for any business. In this article, we’ll explain how graphic design can improve your brand recognition.

What is brand awareness?

To put it simply, brand awareness is how well people distinguish your brand from others. That also includes the quality that you provide, alongside with vision and values that your brand promotes. In general, customers tend to go for familiar brands that they trust. How did those brands win the hearts and minds of people? Well, through increasing brand awareness and delivering the best product quality possible.

Brand awareness is not only about recognizing your brand on the market. It’s also tied to a bigger marketing strategy that boosts your success. That said, brand awareness strategy is an integral part of your marketing and should never be neglected if you want your business to prosper.

Why do you need brand awareness?

Let’s break down how brand awareness benefits you and why you need it. Did you know that about 30% of people already know what brand they’re going to shop for? Some brands have such a strong presence in the minds of buyers that when people see two different products, and one is of the brand they trust, they’ll go exactly for this item.

Brand awareness is the underlying component of your marketing. When done right, a smart brand awareness campaign builds trust and wins the hearts of your customers. As a result, they will choose you over some other brand they never heard of. We have a whole article dedicated to reasons why brand awareness plays such a big role in your marketing campaigns in the 2020s.

Design and brand awareness

Graphical elements are a powerful tool to influence other people since we’re predominantly visual creatures. That’s why design is so crucial for your overall brand awareness. Design studios of all sorts are offering design services such as logo making and visual content creation. And you already know the reasons behind that. Design is a great channel for establishing rapport with your customers. But there’s more to it than facilitating client relationships.


Design agencies know too well that cohesive design can use people’s emotions to make them buy your products. Don’t think of it as mere manipulation though. All purchases are emotional in nature, whether planned or not. The moment of pulling the trigger and actually buying a product is always initiated by some kind of emotion that professionals in branding agencies have been working on. This sort of influence can only be achieved with thorough design implementation that hijacks emotions.


Consistency is key to building long-lasting relationships with your buyers. The customer experience is always better when there’s cohesiveness in every aspect of the design you use. Using logos, colors, fonts, and shapes that people associate your brand with is great for brand awareness. It eliminates the need for people to constantly search for recurring patterns. In a way, it’s like building a comfortable environment where your clients know that they are safe and everything will be fine.

Being different

Building strong brands that can stand the test of time can only be done by implementing the right design practices. Being unique and memorable to people starts with a unique and memorable design. It’s not to say that product quality and marketing come second, no. It’s about burning into people’s memory and creating emotional connections that lead to choosing your business and your products or services.


Brand awareness and design go hand in hand. There is no amount of marketing efforts and product development that can fix a poor brand awareness campaign. You should sell the need and the future, not some results. That can be achieved by engaging with the emotions of people. And you already know that great design and strong visuals are your best tools for achieving that goal.