What is Google Lighthouse

What is Google Lighthouse

You can evaluate and analyze the quality of your website pages using this powerful tool - Google Lighthouse, which was created by Google and is available as open-source software. It offers a thorough analysis of the website's functionality, usability, compliance with best practices and SEO. You can identify potential issues and get useful recommendations to enhance your website by using this tool, as it offers some analytical features that you can get at a digital agency.

The Depth of Google Lighthouse's Audit

Google Lighthouse conducts a rigorous assessment of web pages, delivering reports based on several performance criteria. This tool analyzes the loading time of your website, the level of accessibility for users with disabilities, its compliance with best web practices, and its search engine optimization. It assigns a score to each area and provides actionable insights for improvement.

Some of The Ways to Utilize Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse can be used in various ways, including as a Chrome extension, from the command line, and even within the Chrome DevTools. To use the Chrome extension, simply install it from the Chrome Web Store and run the audit from the extension menu. The report will be generated right away and can be viewed or downloaded for further analysis and implementation of improvements (UI/UX design fixes, responsiveness optimization, etc.).

The Process of Auditing Your Web Pages with Google Lighthouse

The procedure for auditing a web page with Google Lighthouse is simple and consists of the following steps:

  • Install the Google Lighthouse Chrome extension or access it through the command line.
  • Visit the web page you want to audit.
  • Initiate the audit through the extension menu or the command line.
  • Examine the report generated by Google Lighthouse.
  • Implement the recommendations provided by the tool to optimize your web page.


Google Lighthouse is a potent tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of the speed, accessibility, and search engine optimization of web pages. By capitalizing on the knowledge you gain from Lighthouse, you can guarantee that your website is fast, accessible, and optimized for both internet users and search engines. If you would like to work with a web design company to optimize your website from a design standpoint, then hit us up!