How To Choose A Motion Design Studio?

Industry insights
January 27, 2023
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Choosing a motion design studio is going to determine the quality of your content marketing. There are a lot of things in play, and you need to consider all variables before making a move. In short, opting for 3D design studios that have the mix of creativity and expertise in the industry will give you the most bang for your back. Also, don’t forget to check their accolades and keep in mind your grand strategy – it’s going to guide the whole production process.

1. What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is the term used to describe graphics in motion. It’s really that simple. If you dig a bit further, you can say that motion graphics is a combination of moving visual assets and text. Sometimes it all takes a shape of a video with visual effects and voice-over. Corporations and brands all over the world use motion graphics to tell stories and expand the reach of their marketing campaigns.

3D graphics set in motion are highly effective for communicating your brand messages. If you compare this type of content to old-school 2D pictures, motion graphics are more suited to modern-day high-paced online interactions. Your clients are probably engaging with lots of types of content on the Internet. And the best way to ensure that it’s your content they like the most is to make it attractive and engaging. This is where motion graphics come in.

2. Why invest in motion graphics?

There are a lot of benefits of hiring a 3D design studio to implement motion graphics into your business, but here are the main ones. First of all, 3D design and promo videos made by a motion design agency are going to boost your brand recognition. It’s not just due to catchy aminations that people always love more than two-dimensional graphics. By using motion graphics you’ll be able to send clear messages that are easy to understand. The ability of your company to make complex topics more digestible will solidify your position as a voice on the market that people can trust.

Moreover, including motion graphics in your content plan will make you stand out among other businesses. With increased competition across all industries, every company now is trying to be on top of current trends. It just happens that motion design is among the high-performing types of content as of now. Thus, to get an upper hand, it would be a great move to hire a professional motion design studio. 3D designers will give your content a unique vibe to represent the brand’s values and personality. After all, it’s the uniqueness and non-conformity that attracts people to try your offers first and then stay for life.

3. Steps to take when choosing a motion design firm

  • First of all, when choosing the right motion graphics company, you should have your end goals in mind. If your enterprise requires just a cool animation, then it’s super simple. The whole process in this case will be smooth and with no bumps on the road. However, if you want to integrate motion design into some kind of content strategy, then a reputable motion graphics company would create this one as well. As a rule, large-scale agencies have a variety of professionals in all kinds of fields. There are marketers, designers, analysts, etc. The point is to think it all through and identify what you need. When you have a clear picture of that, the rest is up to the design company that you’ve chosen.
  • Checking their portfolio also helps in determining whether a particular motion design company fits your needs or not. And it’s not only about looking for high-quality visuals, though it’s also huge. See if their creative approach would fit your unique requirements for representing your brand. As with people, brands have unique characters, and it all comes down to design and the feelings it evokes. A motion design agency should complement the overall vibe of your brand, as it’s more beneficial to build upon something already existing than to develop the design from scratch.
  • Check their production process. It also should include other procedures not necessarily related to content creation. For example, seeing that the lines of communication are always open and there is no fuss when going through stuff is a great sign. This should tell you that the organizational part of this company is A-OK, and there’s no need to worry about how things would work out. Also, seeing that they have a tried process in place that they probably use with other clients is a sign that they have a lot of experience. This kind of expertise in project management, apart from the creative element, makes the lives of all parties involved much easier.
  • Check their pricing. Finding a balance between adequate pricing and the expertise level you need is one of the most important things when choosing motion design studios. Oftentimes going for the most affordable option is not a good idea. Reputable design agencies can cost a bit more than small animation studios, but at the end of the day, it’s the quality of motion graphics what matters. In general, comparing the prices of some of the studios and taking into account their portfolios/work experience is what you should do.
  • What kind of motion graphics do you want? Motion graphics is not just short videos or animations that you can see on any website. While some companies deal in all kinds of motion design, some firms are positioning themselves as experts in one category. There are several types of motion graphics. 2D motion graphics, 3D motion graphics, broadcast animation, VFX, promo videos, explainer videos and so on and so forth. For instance, a company may deal only in explainer videos. And the quality of those may be the best on the market. Or there are agencies that create a bunch of items like animated logos, icons, and other elements that complement each other. In short, be aware of their specialization.
  • And the last thing is about supporting your brand. Your brand is everything when it comes to your company’s success. And a motion graphics firm that you’re hiring should be on the same page with your business. It’s important that they understand your brand values and the grand vision. This is the only way to get creative content that works for your company. Finding a glimpse of passion in a design agency you work with is probably the most important factor in predicting the success of long-term business relationships, which benefit you both.


Motion graphics can be the missing part of your marketing and branding strategies, which prevents you from going full-throttle. The eye-catching animations and videos can not just increase your conversion rates, but also it’s just good to mix things in your content plan. Motion graphics are also highly effective at communicating messages, which allows other people to grasp complex topics with ease. Motion design agencies make it straightforward to implement this type of graphics into your creative campaigns. However, it’s an art in itself to make the right choice in the over-saturated market. Choosing the right firm requires a thorough analysis of your requirements, as well as an evaluation of many potential companies before putting your faith in the agency, which will deliver stunning motion graphics.

The Ubunzo design studio is happy to lend you a hand in this tricky business of creating high-performing motion graphics. Our motion graphics designers are able to make your dreams come true. Please go ahead and contact us to share your unique needs and we’ll make sure that you get top-notch motion graphics to skyrocket your business.