5 Reasons Why Branding Matters

January 27, 2023
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With today’s ever-growing competition, every business needs a well-defined personal brand to stand out and succeed in the long run. Personal branding matters for many reasons: it defines the company’s values, mission, and goals, creates a ‘sense of belonging’ with employees and inspires an emotional connection with the company.  

A personal brand is communicated through visual brand identity (such as brand colors, pictures, logos, and website), your copy, and marketing materials, and every item should create a consistent image with the target audience. Below, you will find the benefits of branding explained.

1. It helps increase customer loyalty  

Generating a lead, informing them about your business, and moving a client through the sales pipeline is costly. On the flip side, if the person is emotionally connected to the brand and if they had a positive experience with it, they are more likely to stay with a business and recommend it to others. To achieve this, you need to build a connection and inspire an emotional reaction long before the first purchase. Strong branding strategy includes the creation of a recognizable identity and sharing the values that potential clients can connect with. By convincing prospects and turning them into brand advocates, you will save money on promotion and generate repeat business. If these tasks sound challenging, a good branding agency or a branding studio can help with defining and communicating your brand to the public.

2. It sets price expectations

Potential customers are ready to pay good money for your products or services if your price is properly explained and the value of your offer is well articulated. For example, if you focus on exclusivity, quality, and creating a positive customer experience, your target audience will be more likely to pay a higher price for your product. Moreover, you can manage price expectations by adjusting your visual identity and overall branding strategy. Such companies as Apple or Starbucks are good examples, as they managed to achieve customer loyalty thanks to branding and they are easily distinguished from their competitors.

3. It helps form emotional connections with your customers

Business branding matters because your brand is the first thing your prospect will notice about your company. If your branding is done effectively, the target audience will notice your goals, mission, values, ideas, and the value of products or services. All this needs to be reflected in your visual brand identity, marketing materials, and external communications. Every element of your personal brand should contribute to the unified image of your business and create a consistently positive impression with customers.

If you reflect your core values and attitude, it helps the target audience connect with it emotionally and become attached to the organization that translates certain values. More importantly, it builds confidence in your brand. Nobody has doubts about the quality of Apple’s products, do they?

4. It helps create brand advocates

When your employees share your values and mission, they become brand advocates, and, in this case, you can dramatically extend your reach. Engaged employees are more likely to share marketing materials, provide honest word-of-mouth recommendations and continue to create a positive brand image. In fact, as your employees vouch for you and share their positive experiences connected with your firm, they provide branding services that you don’t have to pay for. At this point, your reputation starts working for you, and if the employees share your values, they naturally contribute to brand recognition.

5. It streamlines your advertising and marketing efforts

Effective branding defines your visual identity, values, and the impression you’d like to make with prospective clients. If your brand message is clearly defined, it facilitates the work of the marketing and advertising department. These teams already know the mission and values of the brand that they need to communicate to a wide audience, so all they need to do is to find effective ways to translate your message.


Millions of businesses start every year, and building a strong personal brand helps forge an emotional connection with the audience, and increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. However, to define a personal brand effectively, you need to get in touch with a reputable branding agency or a branding studio.

This is when Ubunzo comes in – our design agency is providing branding services that can boost your recognition. We will dive deep to understand the core of your business and shape your key message and a visual identity that appeals to the appropriate demographics and resonates with your prospects. A brand tailored specifically to your business and focused on your advantages will help you make the most out of your target market.