4 Reasons To Use Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics
December 26, 2022
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Small and big brands are taking 3D motion graphic videos by storm to appear more unique in oversaturated markets. When you compete with companies whose products and services are pretty similar to yours it is crucial to take every single chance that will allow you to stand out.

As we live in the digital era, static information used to introduce your product no longer catches the customer’s eye. Thus, you must find a unique way of presenting your brand to engage your clients and build trust. Visual effects, 3D presentations, and 3D logo animation allow you to do just that. If you want to improve your marketing efforts and branding strategy, continue reading our list of the top 4 reasons why motion design matters.

1. Gain more leads

An appealing promo video is one of the effective ways to sell your goods and services. Such content can be easily generated in the form of an animation sequence explaining the features of your product. By employing special effects, digital artists can demonstrate your company's strengths to your potential customers. Motion design created in applications like Blender and Cinema 4D provides great product visualization and makes your brand recognizable and competitive.

2. Raise your brand awareness online

Companies in the 21st century can hardly do without a website. It is difficult to stay competitive in any industry if you don’t have a strong online presence on a number of social media platforms. In addition to widely used Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, new ones like TikTok pop up every few months.

Social media are a powerful tool for distributing content with videos being its most popular type. That's where 3D animation comes in handy to help you generate truly unique promo videos and special effects to represent your brand.

3. Increase your ROI

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of ROI, isn’t it? $10,000 spent on a new 3D video needs to bring a solid return in terms of sales or brand awareness. But imagine that you suddenly need to update some information in the video or your logo has changed. Visual designers use special effects that allow them to produce incredibly customizable animation sequences. Thus, it's fairly simple to add in a new voice-over, or sound effects, change graphic elements or even refine product animation. 3D artists can always make the required modifications, which is nearly impossible with live-action videos. In the long run, this approach to product visualization saves a lot of money.

3D videos vary in cost. If you hire a premier studio such as Tendril, you can expect a mid-six-figures budget and extended timelines to compensate for having an entire qualified animation team. With smaller graphic design studios like ours, your experience will be different. Our digital artists will consider your needs their priority and will provide a faster turnaround at budget-friendlier prices depending on the length and type of animation.

4. Outperform your competitors

Competition in the digital marketing sector is always intensifying. Every brand seeks an advantage to stand out from a range of similar companies. Product animations may provide you with the edge you require. Create your success by adding style and originality. Promo videos made by professional visual designers can noticeably upgrade your online marketing campaign and diversify your social media posts. Start today with Ubunzo and our 3D artists will help you achieve more leads and brand awareness you deserve!


Motion design helps to market your product by bringing brand awareness and generating more leads. The 3D presentation will make your brand recognizable – product animation explains your goods or services better than any static infographic. Due to visual effects, your blog is going to look more attractive to a search engine ranking. As a result, your social media posts will reach a wider audience.

Because of the customization capabilities of 3D design, you can tweak and update your product visualization videos at any time. Moreover, 3D animation brings a great ROI and gives you the power to outdistance your competitors. That’s why it's a great addition to your sales funnel. Try using 3D motion graphics as a part of your next video marketing campaign. It's a game-changer!