Motion Graphics

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We create spicy animations so your brand can stand out among the competitors. If it needs movement, you can count on us. Motion design is a versatile tool that can drastically upgrade your marketing campaigns and especially your brand's web presence. We collaborate with top-tier motion graphic companies and we have an in-house 3D and 2D motion design gang.

During the discovery phase, we want to learn everything about the product, service, project, and people we will work with. We get to know you so we can devote ourselves entirely to your team to build the foundation of your successful online presence.


Consider this stage as a roadmap for your whole project. We will put together a storyboard for animation and a mood board for design elements, transitions, and design features to catch the overall vibe of the upcoming video. During this stage, we will come up with the story line and the style.

Blocking & Animation

We will start working on animating objects and characters based on the storyboard we developed in the previous stage. There will be no textures or lighting during this stage, only pure motion.

Lighting & Texturing

You have been waiting for so long, and *drum roll* you gotta wait a little bit more, this is still not the final stage, but we are close, we promise! After blocking, we will add textures and lights to the animations, bringing the video to life and giving you almost the finalized image of what you will get at the end.


The magic happens here! We render the final scenes and layer together additional special effects, frames, passes, color correction, and a little bit of love. We deliver everything to you with the hope of working again on a new project!