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Codecademy is an e-learning platform perfect for those who wish to dive into the coding world.

Codecademy offer coding classes in 12 different coding languages and one-on-one tutoring. The information is organized in an accessible yet engaging way so anyone can start learning how to code. The platform has over 24 million users who solved more than 100 million exercises.
Motion Graphics
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The goal was to create an engaging fun video to support their vision for interactive and entertaining e-learning. The video was meant to encourage new members to participate in a year-long free coding challenge. The video needed to be bright, colorful, and eye-catchy. It was the very first time they used 3D graphics for advertising purposes.


After an in-depth discovery process and interviews with hundreds of Codecademy users, we put together a storyboard along with references for the environment and objects that were about to tell Codecademy’s story. We then created the animation itself, added textures and lights, and polished everything with color correction. The video ended up picturing the visual journey of a newbie who starts with learning the basics of markup languages but then dives deeper into the rabbit hole, discovering more complex languages like PHP and C, eventually graduating to building an AI. We wanted to show how far the Codecademy education platform can bring its users and how broad their knowledge can be after the coding challenge.

the background image of the codecademy project. Same as the thumbnail picture
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